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Registration is going on now! AK Suter, Beulah, Blue Angels, Cordova Park, Hellen Caro, Jim Allen, Kingsfield, Molino Park, NB Cook, Pine Meadow, and RC Lipscomb are now full and waiting lists have been started.

How to Add your Child to the Waiting List

To be added to our waiting list, email [email protected] or call our administrative office at (850) 479-7814.  Please include your child’s name, school, grade and parent’s name and contact information.  Please note, our waiting list restarts with each registration period beginning in May each year.

How to Register

Registration is online!  There is a $18 registration fee per child due to complete the registration process.  We accept Visa and MasterCard payments only.  We process all registrations in the order in which they are received.  Questions?  Please email [email protected] or call us at (850) 479-7814.

New Families: Click the “NEW FAMILY” button below to start the registration process.  Once we process your registration, our Program Agreement form will be emailed for you to sign electronically and then you’ll have access to our parent portal, MyProcare.com where you can pay the registration fee.  We advise you to call us first to check if we have current program openings.  Once complete, we will email and/or call to confirm your child’s enrollment.  

Re-Registration: Login to MyProcare.com using your email you provided us.  To prevent delays when completing your registration, please complete all required fields and include at least 2 emergency contacts  in addition to the parents/guardians (click “+Add New Relationship” during the online registration process to add new authorized pickup individuals).  If needed you will be asked to sign an updated Program Agreement sent to you electronically.  We will process all new registration in the order in which we receive them and will email and/or call to confirm your child’s place in our program and their start date.  If you’ve never logged in before, the first time you login, you will be prompted to retrieve a confirmation code from your email and create a password.  We must have your email in our system in order for you to login.  If registering a new child from your family who has never been enrolled with us before, please contact us first with their name and date of birth so we can add them to your account and then you’ll be able to enroll them online too!  

Scholarship Information

We offer scholarship options!  All scholarships are processed in the order in which they are received.   There is limited availability.

Early Bird Scholarship – offers discounted tuition to families who can pickup by 4 pm daily.  Click here to apply!  When all scholarships are awarded, a waiting list will be started for others interested. Each month, openings will be accessed and new scholarships awarded if scholarships become available. Once you have been awarded a scholarship, the scholarship will automatically continue as long as you re-register before the last day of school for the upcoming school year.  Please note, our waiting list restarts with each registration period being in May each year.  New applications for the upcoming school year will be accepted once registration begins. New Early Bird Scholarships are awarded in June for the following year.

Creative Scholarship – offers discounted tuition to employed families of low income in need of financial assistance.  Must reapply every semester.  Fall 2021 applications will be accepted starting July 12, 2021.  Click here to download the application!

Registration Documents

The following documents are for you to keep for your own records.
21-22 Parent Handbook Updated July 2021
DCF’s Know Your Child Care Facility Brochure
Influenza Virus: A Guide for Parents Brochure

Questions?  Email us at [email protected] or call us at (850) 479-7814.